The El Mocambo sign is for sale

How much would you pay for a 2 storey neon palm tree?


If you are familiar with the Toronto club rock scene, this hottest item on Ebay might look familiar. With the legendary El Mocambo closing their doors, the epic neon palm tree that lit Spadina Avenue near College for eons has popped up on Ebay. And people want the multi-coloured Toronto treasure.

“The el Mocambo is closing down and we must find a good home for this iconic sign. there is a reserve and buyer must pay for the cost of taking down the sign & pay for his own shipping”  Reads the trippy tree description on the auction site.

The live music venue has played an important role in the development in the Toronto music scene. The club first opened its doors in 1850 and hosted such acts as  Jimi Hendrix, Meat Loaf, Bo Diddley, The Ramones, Blondie, and April Wine.

At last check on Ebay, the bid for the florescent wonder has gone up to $7,000. You can follow the bidding here.

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