Technology: The New Beatles?

When the Beatles broke through, everyone became obsessed with everything they did. And I mean everyone. Today, that sort of hysteria is reserved for the tech world.  That’s the contention of this article from Drowned in Sound.

It goes without saying, but music technology – or perhaps more accurately speaking, the ways in which music is made, distributed and heard – has never been of more importance to listeners and artists than it is right now, today.Article after article is written exploring, or rather pontificating and conjecturing, as to just “what this means”, “what could happen next”, and whether or not this “is this a good or a bad thing”? As with all communication, new music is undoubtedly now for the most part, firmly led by technological innovation – begging the question from Kevin Godley (original drummer from 10cc and music video director), “is technology the new Beatles?”

Despite first impressions, it’s a deceptively apt comparison.

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