So: Is Neil Young’s Pono Any Good?

We’ve been hearing about Neil Young’s high-res audio player for a couple of years now but there’s been precious little in the way of hands-on reviews of the thing. Until now.  This is from The Guardian.

It looks like a Toblerone but it still managed to raise $6.2m on Kickstarter, far exceeding its funding target of $800,000. This is Pono, the digital music player and download store that Neil Young has convinced heavyweight backers and the public to sink millions into. Admirably, he wants to “fix” the state of sound he wearily regards as a direct result of MP3 and music streaming’s prioritisation of convenience over quality. And he did this despite few people actually seeing it or using it. Until now.

The Guardian got to demo one of (apparently) only nine players currently in circulation, in the London offices of Omnifone, the digital music company who will be providing all the “back end” dark arts for Pono – something it already does for Sony Music Unlimited, Guvera, rara, US satellite broadcaster SiriusXM and others.

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