Taylor Swift Kick

First things first:  Here’s a big fat reminder that Michael and I will be recording next week’s podcast from the Downtown Record Show this Sunday starting sometime around 10:30. (I want to start earlier; Michael wants to sleep in. So we compromised.) If you’re in the Toronto area, we’d love if you could drop in. And remember, this is a recording that will be destined for the for-real Geeks&Beats Radio Network.

But back to this week’s show.  Here’s what you’ll get:

There’s plenty more at the G&B website.  Look around, fer crissakes. For example, should you ever wish to leave us a voicemail message (although we’re now hearing that voicemail is so over), reach us at (323) 319-NERD. For more information about G&B swag–very stylish stuff, by the way–go here. And once again, if you’re not a subscriber to the podcast through iTunes, you’re a bad, bad person.

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