Skynet Sings the Hits

Sorry I’m a day late in publishing these notes, but I’ve been travelling too much this week (Toronto-LA-London-Toronto-Winnipeg-LA) so I’m not sure what time zone I’m in at any given moment.  (Michael: Got you your Kate Bush t-shirt.)

Here’s what was discussed on this week’s show.

The growth of AI in music

Be a driving musical douchebag!

If you go to concerts, you need earplugs. I said YOU NEED EARPLUGS!

How the iPhone is police-proof. Ish.

Do NOT buy this iPhone case 

Ask Alan Anything: Brad wants to know what song changes your mood? Not a favourite song, but one that gets you up when you’re down

G&B Update

Live on Location October 9th

Live on Location Sunday November 2nd 

A psychological study of record collectors. Yes, we’re weird.

The biggest seller of vinyl on the planet is

G&B Listener response

Pornhub, the record label

We played this this week:  I Want More Porn by Tom Willett

Australian brothels get into live music

 If you’re not subscribing through iTunes, you’re a bad, bad person.

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