Metallica Shows Gamers Some Love

Fans of Metallica will tell you it’s been a tough year to see the iconic metal band play a live show, especially if you live in North America. Outside of a handful of appearances, the band has performed almost exclusively in South America and Europe this year. But after a three-month hiatus from their last show at the metal festival, Heavy Montreal, Metallica has announced the next group of people they’ll serenade will be gamers. You read that correctly. Gamers.  Specifically, the kind of gamers who play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo.

The band will be playing a live set for fans at BlizzCon 2014, the annual convention hosted by game developer Blizzard Entertainment. The two-day event in Anaheim, California features competitive gaming sessions, panel chats, and contests in addition to the face-melting music of Metallica. But if you were hoping to grab a ticket to see the show, you’re out of luck because it’s already sold-out. However, if you’re really itching to see the convention and the concert, you could spend $40 and buy a virtual ticket to live-stream the entire event.

The entertainment industry has become an increasingly important source to help developers enhance the overall experience for gamers. Paul McCartney recently composed a score for the big-budget role-playing shooter, Destiny. And actor Kevin Spacey plays a major role in the single-player campaign of the upcoming game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Whether or not Metallica’s appearance at BlizzCon foreshadows future collaborations between the band and Blizzard is yet to be seen. But given the devastating news that the company has cancelled Titan, a game that had been in development for seven years, a Metallica-Blizzard partnership could help soothe the wounds of fans.


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