Meanwhile, in the World of Music and Airlines…

As someone who used to supply in-flight audio entertainment to Air Canada (I got bumped off when the airline changed their technology and struck a deal with XM), I’m still very interested in how airlines attempt to distract passengers with the uncivil nature of civil aviation.

Item 1: British Airways pairs music and food

The British carrier has just introduced playlists designed to go with new inflight menus. At first, this sounds pretty goofy. But when you consider all the studies about how flying affects our sense of taste, then maybe they’re onto something. And music can help airline food taste better.

Check out what BA is doing with their new Sound Bite menu.

Item 2: Universal Music is thinking about suing American Airlines

More copyright issues. From the Hollywood Reporter:

American Airlines is buckling up to defend a copyright lawsuit that could come as soon as next month from Universal Music Group. On Friday, attorneys for the airline told a Texas judge that it anticipates being a defendant when a “standstill agreement” with the record giant expires on November 10. The latest court documents signal a possible coordinated attack by the music industry to gain more income from the largest airline carriers in the country.

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