Listener Response to Skynet Sings the Hits S03E74

Brad from Omeemee called (323) 319-NERD to ask what Alan’s favourite mood-changing song was (The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again), G&B Listener and 15 year crush of one of the boys Shannon Simpson replies:

…to which Michael melted.

Meantime, G&B Listener JoelKrass kinda has a point, doesn’t he?

We got a little love this week from new G&B listener Wayne DeF!

We got a lot of response to our interview with The Edge of U2 and his joke that the free album release will make the band “more famous”, including this gem from Alessandro Cipollone:

And we definitely have to get Helen Maidiotis from Australia on the big show to talk about her push to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted by the Queen of England:


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