Imagine Dragons are Looking to Rock the CFL Half-Time Show at the 102nd Grey Cup

Every year around this time, the Canadian Football League executives get together and converse about potential performers that could be added to the CFL half-time show.

Sara Moore, who is the CFL Vice-President of Marketing and Events, says it’s finding the right act that puts on an unbelievable awesome live show.

“I don’t think there’s anybody touring or performing right now that puts on a more impressive and engaging show for fans in the stadium and fans watching on T.V. than Imagine Dragons,” says Moore.

Moore is coming full circle with this year’s Grey Cup being her fourth as she’s going back to B.C. Place in Vancouver where she started her VP position three years ago. Although she hasn’t seen Imagine Dragons live in concert yet, she’s seen them perform at this year’s Grammy’s, where they won an award for best rock performance.

“There’s really no bigger stage in Canada than the half-time act for Grey Cup,” says Moore. “Millions and millions of Canadians will be watching and it will also be broadcast on ESPN2 so tens of millions of homes in the U.S. will have access to this year’s Grey Cup as well. It’s an absolutely huge platform for any band to reach millions of Canadians but really right across the world now too.”

Imagine Dragons’ debut full length studio album Night Visions, released in 2012, was certified 3X platinum in Canada. The album has been propelled by the success of the 2X platinum selling single “It’s Time”, the 7X platinum follow-up “Radioactive” and the 5X platinum “Demons”. Rolling Stone proclaimed Imagine Dragons “the biggest breakout of the year” and Entertainment Weekly called 2013 the “Year of the Dragons.”
“We’re thrilled to be coming to the Grey Cup to entertain CFL fans in Vancouver and right across Canada,” said the Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds (vocals). “Canada has supported us from the beginning so it’s always exciting to go back.”
Based in Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons also includes Wayne Sermon (guitar), Ben McKee (bass) and Daniel Platzman (drums).

Although no payment fee for the band is released, production costs for half-time performances are all paid for by the CFL.

“We make it a great experience for them since they get to see a great football game and be part of what is really the best produced events in Canada,” says Moore.

The half-time show for the Grey Cup is always extended due to stage set-up.

“The production of a show like that takes a while to set up so we add a few minutes on at either end and they’ll perform for about 15 minutes,” says Moore.

Moore wants to continue seeking out the best musical talent so they can perform at future Grey Cups.

“The league is really excited about what were going to be able to bring to Canadian Football fans and Canadians in general this year,” says Moore. “It’s going to be a phenomenal show.”

The 102nd Grey Cup will take place on November 30th and will be broadcasting live at 6 p.m. EST on TSN and RDS in Canada, and ESPN2 in the United States.





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