Everclear to Release a New Album with Windows 10

OK, let’s get this out of the way first. Personally, I’m a BIG fan of Everclear. I listened to them a lot throughout the 90s, and to be completely honest, their music still has semi-regular rotation in my own playlists. They’re a fun band that get a bad rap… in my opinion of course.

Next thing you should know about me – I so very rarely update the operating system on my home computer. I’ll let it bleed to the very end. I still run Windows XP on my home desktop. Maybe this will entice me to actually update. Probably not. But there’s a shot.

Perhaps I’m really starting to show my age as this post goes on.

This headline today really caught my eye. The release of Windows 10 is supposedly coming with a new Everclear album – their first since 2012’s Invisible Stars. The new operating system has turned heads on its own, it seems that Windows is skipping Windows 9 completely and is going directly to 10.

With the insanity that happened recently with U2’s partnership with Apple, as well as last year’s Jay-Z partnership with Samsung, it seems only natural that Windows would partner with a musical act for their next huge release. I just wonder where Everclear came from… I’m not complaining, just more curious.

Want to read more? I got some of my information from Consequence of Sound.

Funny or Die released a spoof-like teaser video that is pretty awesome. Check it out:

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