Australian Brothels Now Offering Live Music

On the heels of the announcement that Pornhub is starting a record label comes word from Australia’s legal brothels are looking for a back door revenue stream from music.

Looking to diversify their revenue streams, one well-known establishment in Sydney is planning to offer “dinner and show”-type packages. Come for the music and then stay for the sex. Or maybe it’s supposed to be the other way around.

Regardless, a source says  “It’s always been a bit in-and-out, we want to convince people to remain at the venue. Sometimes people forget that while people are in the act they’re not spending money, not buying drinks. We need to give people a reason to hang around or risk going broke. It’s what the industry calls a ‘sticky’ experience, we need to create that.”

If this works, the new brothel circuit could give a boost to  up-and-coming emerging artists across Australia.

Then again, this whole thing could be a joke. Even after reading the report, I can’t decide. Can anyone from Oz set things straight?

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