Are you smart enough to work with Thom Yorke?

Apparently just being a good songwriter isn’t enough to execute an album project. Thom Yorke enlisted the help of Oxford MBA students to get his Bit Torrent project off the ground.

Yorke’s album has a base price of $6, with 90 percent going to the artist and the remaining 10 percent going to BitTorrent. According to the file transfer site, the album bundle has surpassed 3.5 million downloads already. That figure includes the $6 paid downloads as well as giveaways of the first single and video. BitTorrent has not revealed the actual sales of the full album.

They helped with market analysis and business strategies.

The MBAs were able to put their learning into practice on the project, analysing fan and market data and bringing together new technologies to generate new ideas challenging conventional content distribution mechanisms

You hear that kids? Stay in school! Billboard has the whole story.

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