(Apple’s) Beats for $5.00?


1990: Record stores compete with selling records cheaper. Sales or Clearance Blowouts or the introduction of the Dollar Bins. 2014: Streaming services compete by  lowering subscription costs. 

Apple’s Beats Music could be doing its own type of Blowout Sale, if the iPhone maker get its way. They would like to drop their $10.00/month streaming service by five dollars. However, the new $60-per year figure is not a number Apple  just came up with. $60 bones is the same price tag iTunes advertises for a yearly subscription to download music from their marketplace.

Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied the coast change rumour. Apple closed its $3 Billion Beats deal just last August and reports are saying that changes are coming to Beats Music but not till next year.

Meanwhile,  competing streaming service Spotify has been rumoured to be introducing a Family Plan type deal with their subscription service. Basically, one member of the household will pay the regular $10.00 Premium rate. When a family member in the same household joins, they’ll pay only $5.00.

Here’s an  example of what it would look like:

Spotify Family plan UK US Australia New Zealand
Family 2 (one extra account) £15 $15 AU$18 NZ$19.49
Family 3 (two extra accounts) £20 $20 AU$24 NZ$26
Family 4 (three extra accounts) £25 $25 AU$30 NZ$32.49
Family 5 (four extra accounts) £30 $30 AU$36 NZ$39

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