A Database with Every Record Store in the World (Minus Urban Outfitters)

If you’ve done any searching for vinyl online, you’ll have inevitably come across Discogs, which is a pretty good site for buyers, sellers and traders. They’ve just announced VinylHub, an initiative that it hopes will list every single record store on the planet.

So far, the database contains 2,125 shops, from the giants and legends (Amoeba, Spillers, Sister Ray, Rough Trade) to tiny shops on back streets. Thirteen shops are currently listed for Toronto, twelve for Vancouver,  nine for Montreal and just one for Winnipeg (C’mon! There’s more than that!)

The database is easily searchable and when you click on a store, you get a description, the address, a phone number, hours of operation and a link to the shop’s website. It’s also location aware so the home page will list all the stores within a certain radius of your computer. It’s pretty cool–and if you like to shop for records when you travel, it’s very handy.

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