This is the Best “Where Are They Now” Music Story You’ll Read All Month

I was–and still am–a big fan of The Catherine Wheel, the British band that never really got their due outside of places like Toronto, New York and San Francisco. Not quite shoegaze and not quite grunge, they managed to fall between a lot of different cracks in the early 90s. Hopefully you remember their anthem “Black Metallic.”

So what’s become of the band since they broke up in 2ooo? Two of the guys work together in a band called 50ft Monster while another is in a group called Serafin. Singer Rob Dickinson went on to play withe Tracy Bonham for a while before recording a solo album in 2005. When that didn’t work out, Rob moved on to his other passion. Cars. Specifically Porsche 911s.

If you’re  Porschefile like me, you’ve probably browsed through through some of the many magazines devoted to the marque. If you have, you may have encountered ads for features for a restoration company called Singer Porsche. They lovingly take 911s of all vintages and return them to their former glories–and often to levels of performance far beyond what they were originally engineered for.

“Singer” Porsche.  With me yet?

Check out this article on the company in The Wall Street Journal. (Thanks to Andrew for the link.)

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