The Battle of the Englishmen: Peter Hook vs New Order

New Order has set up a new Twitter account. For Joy Division. The new account is being used to hawk the defunct bands merchandise. The account currently has 6,601 followers, minus Peter Hook. The former bassist for both bands, wasn’t too happy that New Order created an account for Hook’s since disbanded Manchester rock foursome.

This feud dates back for years. Seems that Hook’s  New Order band mates, Bernard Summer and Stephen Morris, were disappointed with Hook’s lack of involvement with New Order. However, Hook soon after went to Mysapce (yes, Myspace ) and declared New Order “has SPLIT UP!”, adding that Summer and Morris shouldn’t presume they “have the rights to do anything NEW ordery”. as Hook has “still got a third”. He later claimed he was open to negotiation, but after some ill lyrics shared between both parties, the guys were to see each other in court.

Now, the battle of the Englishmen has rekindled with Peter Hook going to his personal Twitter account  to leash out to his former mates.

hook new order1


hook new order

Even with the trash talking, a few of the fellas are making music. New Order are working on a new album with a drop date set for 2015. This would be their first studio release without Peter Hook.

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