Ex-Smashing Pumpkins Drummer Is Now a Tech CEO

Remember Jimmy Chamberlin? If you’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan, of course you do. So where did he go when he parted ways with Billy Corgan in early 2009? Into the tech world.


Realizing that making music full time wasn’t going to cut it financially anymore, Jimmy refashioned himself as a tech entrepreneur and is now the CEO of a company called LiveOne,which is based out of Chicago and is working on a product called Crowdsurfing. Jimmy’s goal is to make it possible for fans to interact with each other while everyone watches live streams of concert events.

And they’re doing well.  Clients include Red Bull, Yahoo and Budweiser. Read how a drummer (with a well-publicized history of drug issues) has turned around everything to become a big-time music industry player at Pando Daily.

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