Death From Above 1979: The Movie

And like that, they were gone. From 2001-2006, Toronto two-piece outfit Death From Above 1979 burned with an intensity as loud and ferocious as the noise they made. But as quick as their rise was, their disappearance was even more sudden.

Luckily for fans, bassist/vocalist Jesse Keeler and drummer/vocalist Sebastian Grainger returned to the stage five years later in 2011 and earlier this month, released their sophomore album The Physical World.

So what happened in that five year break (aside from Jesse focusing on his electronic group MSTRKRFT¬†and Sebastien releasing some solo work)? Well, thanks to a new documentary, all the acrimoney and infighting will be revealed. Check out the trailer for ‘Life After Death From Above 1979’:

Life After Death From Above 1979 is out October 7 through Vimeo On Demand.

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