WKRP In Cincinnati DVD series with original music to be released by Shout! Factory

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me…”

Those are the opening lines to one of the most famous sitcoms in the late 70’s. WKRP In Cincinnati  and as G&B writer Matthew Smith reports, The Complete Series will finally be released as one set this fall.

The opening theme song is actually based on the WKRP station program director who is Andy Travis (Gary Sandy) as he begins his tenure at the station in season one.

If you were around back then or even seen WKRP In Cincinnati in syndication, you may recall some of the unforgettable radio Deejays on the show. The rocking Dr. Johnny Fever (Howard Hesseman) and the soulful Venus Flytrap who is played by Tim Reid.

There’s also the indecisive manager of WKRP – Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson (Gordon Jump), advertising executive Herb Tarlek (Frank Bonner), unorthodox news man Les Nessman (Richard Sanders), the young and innocent Bailey Quarters (Jan Smithers) and, the station’s beautiful receptionist, Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson).

Shout! Factory is responsible for this upcoming release and wants to include as much of the original music that was in the original series.

Production on a WKRP DVD release has been delayed for years since there was a huge cost of securing the music licenses. The DVD release of WKRP in Cincinnati — Season One by 20th Century Fox Entertainment in 2007 has much of the music replaced by generic substitutes. Even some scenes were cut and voice-overs were used to avoid using unlicensed musical content. So, due to poor sales, no further seasons have been released until this year when Shout! Factory acquired the rights to the show.

Airing from 1978 to 1982, WKRP In Cincinnati celebrated four seasons with a total of 88 episodes.

Pre-orders for WKRP In Cincinnati – The Complete Series are going for $101.49 The series will be released on October 28th.


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