The Perfect Website for Unimaginative Parents-to-be

Apparently coming up with a good name for that bundle of joy on the way can be a pretty onerous task, writes G&B Guest Blogger Matt Padanyi.

John, Michael, Jennifer, Mary and Matt are all so played out (thanks, Mom!).  And no one wants to be a Moon Unit, Sage Moonblood, Pilot Inspektor or Blanket (yes, they’re all real).  So of course there’s only one solution: outsource it to the Internet!

A new website,, lets parents search for names based on the availability of Internet domains.  All you have to do is type in your last name, select the gender and hit search.  In my case, there were a lot of the standard names including John, William and Chris.  There were some more unique ones as well, such as Quinn and Camden.

The site has actually monetized the idea, with some small ads populating the page.  And there’s also a button that allows you to buy the domain.  That might sound crazy, but it could also be one of the most lucrative bets of your life.

Say your last name is Donald, and based on an available domain name you bestow the moniker Jonathan onto your newborn child.  And to commemorate the day, you buy the domain name.  Ten years later, a new billionaire technology mogul emerges and he shares the name of your child.  The rich Jonathan Donald is a tad vain and can’t think of a world where does not control the rights to, so he buys the rights from you for a few million dollars.

Alright, it’s a stretch.  But it’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibility.  Millions of dollars have changed hands over domain names before.

Alternatively, you could buy the domain for more practical reasons, such as scrapbooking your child’s life or using it to encourage them to write a blog when they get older.  Alright, also a bit of a stretch.

If you can think of any real reason why someone would use, let us know in the comment section.

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