The App That Lets You Be James Cameron

Technology is proving, once again, to be the great equalizer.  And this time, it’s putting amateur videographers on par with seasoned cinema veterans.

Just days ago, you’d have to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get picturesque, sweeping shots of landscapes or smooth action sequences.  But thanks to the brains at Instagram, you can now make some really cool videos with only an iPhone.

The company is out with its first stand-alone app outside of Instagram itself.  Hyperlapse allows users to speed up their videos with a standard time-lapse feature, but also packs a unique algorithm that smooths out the footage, producing shots you might expect to see in a big-budget BBC nature documentary.

The app is beautiful in its simplicity.  There are no filters or add-ons, just the ability to speed up time.

For now, Hyperlapse is only available on the iPhone and iPad.  Instagram says it’s working on a version for Android devices, but they need to tinker with the algorithm to adjust for the differences between cameras and gyroscopes.

Since many of you are reading this on an iPhone or iPad, click here to download the app from iTunes.


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