Russian “Bone” Music

What’s the worst we go through today when we’re not “allowed” to listen to music either by parents or the workplace? We might keep the volume low, we might change the file name. We might even decide to not turn it on until we leave the house.

Do you want to know the lengths people of Soviet-era Russia had to go to?

In order to listen to the outlawed jazz, boogie and rock n’ roll of the western world, citizens had to press the music to x-ray film that they found in the garbage disposals. The thick radiographs were a great material able to handle the stress of a typical vinyl record press. They were cut into circular-ish shapes of 23-25 centimetres in diameter.

They called it “Bone Music.” Rumours are that some limited edition copies of these will be available on Record Store Day 2015. Is it too hipster of me to admit to wanting one?

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