QuickHitz was Certainly Quick!

Less than a month ago, there was quite a bit of mayhem regarding a Calgary radio station’s decision to adopt the QuickHitz format. This program edited most of the station’s pop songs down to 2 minutes or less. The format was created with the best intentions, I’m sure, to essentially play more songs within the hour. I’m sure you can imagine (if you hadn’t already heard) the backlash that came from songwriters, producers, artists and other musicians involved in the insanely long, labour-intensive process of making a song.

The most notorious of recent uproars was that of Jann Arden. She’s recently admitted that she threw some fairly low blows to the radio station, itself. But she stands by protecting young artists who are fighting so hard for radio play. “You do whatever you want to me. It’s not about me. It’s about someone who just signed a record deal that’s desperate to get their song on the radio,” she said in an interview.

Well, less than three weeks from commencing the QuickHitz format, Calgary’s 90.3 AMP FM has abandoned it. Among Jann Arden’s tweets, the radio station has faced a number of lawsuits from industry players. The idea isn’t completely off the table, however. The radio station says they’ll revisit this format in the future to work with industry professionals to create a better-suited option.

Read more about it on The Toronto Star.

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