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Anyone who has gone to university or college knows that textbooks cost a lot.  On top of that, you’re almost guaranteed to get at least one professor who puts 12 books on his or her required reading list.  But Google has a new service that could save Canadian students tons of money!

The tech giant has added Canadian textbooks to its Play Books store.   Whether the publisher is Pearson or McGraw-Hill, the store has you covered.  But it’s more than just the books themselves.

Play Books is accessible on Android tablets, phones, iPhones, iPads, or over the web.  The complimentary app comes with a bunch of helpful features.  You can make your own annotated notes, bookmarks, search for keywords or phrases, as well as get instant access to dictionaries, Wikipedia and translators.  And it’s all linked up through the cloud, so if you take some notes on your phone while commuting to school, you can access them from your desktop or wherever you do most of your studying.

All those features are fun and useful, but the best part is the money you can potentially save.  Google says some of the textbooks are available at a discount of up to 80%!  And to save you the trouble of trying to sell those silly books once you’re done with them, Google not only lets you buy them, but also rent them for six months.

So, when your parents tell you that they’re not going shell out a few hundred bucks to get you that new smartphone or tablet you need for school, let them know that you’ve found a way to save enough money on your textbooks to free up the cash for that device.  Plus, you’ll be way more efficient at studying (and texting, video calls, web surfing, and all that other stuff that students have to do to pass their exams).

For a quick link to the Google Play Textbooks site, click here.

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