Wanna Know Why Brazil Lost to Germany? It’s Mick Jagger’s Fault.

The Jagger Curse has struck again.

It turns out that Mick doesn’t know how to pick ‘em.  Over the course of the last two World Cups, any team that has the public support of Mick Jagger has lost.

Back in 2010 in South Africa, Mick first declared his love for England.  They were knocked out by Germany.  Then he and his pal Bill Clinton rooted for Team USA.  They were booted by Ghana.  From there, his allegiances shifted to Brazil.  They lost to the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

Skip ahead to Brazil in 2014.  England never made it out of the group stage.  Then Mick decided Italy was a good bet.  Same thing.  Well, Portugal will go all the way.  Nope.  Finally, Mick decided that he was a Brazil supporter.

This horrified all 200 million people in the country.  He was branded as Pe Frio, which means “Cold Feet” (as in a clumsy footballer).  Others have called him The Angel of Doom.  Some Brazilians were so freaked out by this that they paraded around with cardboard cut-outs of Mick decked out in the colours of the opposition.  (Uruguay started that trend, which was later picked up by Brazilian supporters.) That seemed to work for the games against Chile and Colombia, but the bad Jagger juju caught up with Brazil in the game with Germany.

According to The Telegraph, Jagger is now being cyber-bullied by angry Brazilian fans.  That’s probably the wrong tactic.  They should be convincing him to support Germany against Argentina.

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