“Season 2” by Pomplamoose out today!

Youtube pop sensation Pomplamoose’s new album “Season 2” got released today.  I have had the pleasure of listening to it a couple of times now and I can confirm it is fantastic.

I know that not everyone is going to agree with me on this one.  However, the thing I truly love about Pomplamoose is that they appear to be one of the few bands left these days who have a truly old-school punk mentality of doing things.  Sure, they are quite poppy and smile a lot.  However, that is all within the guise of them doing what they want.  In an age where it seems that most music out of the mainstream is depressing and angry, it is quite refreshing to see a band fall outside of that mould.

For those already familiar with Pomplamoose, log onto iTunes and buy “Season 2” immediatley.

For those unfamiliar, please be sure to check out my five favourite below:

5) Expiration Date

4) Hail Mary

3) Puttin on the Ritz (Cover)

2) Don’t Stop Lovin Me

1) River Shiver


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