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I was on the road for this week’s recording of the G&B podcast.  Hunkered down in my parents’ basement in rural Manitoba, I was still recovering from having to explain the jokes on Family Guy to my mom.  That was awkward.  Also awkward was using GarageBand on my end.  Not my favourite.

  • Be afraid: George Michael is considering getting Wham! back together. (I have no idea why this made the lineup.)
  • HP vs. Chubby Checker.  Chubby wins!
  • 16 of the baddest (as in goodest) cover songs of our time.
  • Rock’n’roll beers, rated.  Hey, someone had to do it.
  • 5 lessons learned after purchasing a hybrid car
  • Oooo.  Sapphire glass on the iPhone 6.
  • The digitally native consumer.  Like my nephew, who doesn’t see the point in any physical form of music.
  • The music industry’s biggest environmental crime of the 80s:  the longbox.
  • Ask Alan Anything:  Gary from Toronto “There’s an old saying that says you should never meet your heroes. I guess it’st he inevitable disappointment. What is your thoughts on that? Is there anyone you met who you wish you hadn’t met in the first place?”  (If you have a question, call us at (323) 319-NERD.)
  • Our damn G&B travel mug miracle mug of travelling is travelling yet again.  It’s gone camping.
  • 3D printed headphones. This is dumb.

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