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Normally, I’d have this up by 10 am but because of Michael’s dodgy Internet service (something we talk about on the show), we had a, er, disconnect.  Blame him and Mr. Rogers.  Just remember that the show goes up for download at 12:01 am every Wednesday through iTunes and through the G&B website.

Anyway, here’s the situation with this week’s show.

Feeling sad? Blame Facebook. They’re a bunch of manipulating assholes. The world’s biggest social networking site deliberately manipulated thousands of feeds to just see what would happen.

An important music and internet anniversary has come and gone, and nobody noticed — because it involved Compuserve.

The World Cup Curse of Mick Jagger:  Why 198,700,00 Brazilians want him to root for someone–anyone–other than Brazil.

A G&B update on Commander Hadfield’s “Space Oddity.”

Real estate mogul Lenny Kravtiz is still making music.

Wanna work for Wu-Tang Clan?  They have an opening.

Our secret project that needs your help

And how one musician is using naked pictures of you to prevent piracy.  No, really.

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