New iPhone Will Not Be Made Entirely of Sapphire Glass

In this day and age, nothing gets people more revved up than a good Apple rumour. However, one alleged feature of the (possibly) impending iPhone 6 has been squashed.

It’s called sapphire glass, a synthetic and virtually indestructible crystal that was supposed to be the new face of the next gen Apple smartphone.

However, according to the people whose job it is to be in the know, no shipment of sapphire glass was made from it’s factory in Arizona to Apple manufacturing sites.

Thing is, if you’re reading this story on an iPhone 5, you are actually in possession of sapphire glass. The phone’s homescreen button and camera lens are made from it. However, it doesn’t look like the stuff is going to spread across the screens of any new model iPhone’s any time soon.

The iPhone 6 along with the much rumoured iWatch is apparently slated for a mid-September reveal.

Check out the full article at The Guardian.

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