Meanwhile, From the Land of Concerts and Festivals: The Need to Pee.

Ladies, don’t you hate the line-ups at the porta-potties at music festivals?  There’s gotta be a way to speed things up, right?  Well, say hello to Sara “Queen Pee” Grossman, inventor of the  Stand Up™ washroom innovation for women.  I quote:

“When encountering a less-than desirable peeing locale, many women opt to squat, which isn’t easy! We can feel off-balance, like we’re about to fall through the stall door, or maybe like we’re modern-arting a one of a kind pee-splatter-painting for the next unlucky hopeful sitter,” says Grossman.  “There’s just no winning when it comes to squat-peeing, which is why I invented the Stand Up ™; I believe women can have a hygienic and dignified peeing experience if they so choose.”

There’s going to be a big push on the  Stand Up™ at Lollapalooza this summer. Stand up to disgusting porta-potties! (Via

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