Getting Hitched Goes Geek

Anyone who isn’t a traditionalist is always trying to find a unique way to pop the question to the apple of their eye, and geeks are no exception despite stereotypes of middle-aged men living in their mothers’ basements.  A software developer from Regina, Saskatchewan recently took his marriage proposal to the digital extreme.

David Kossatz spent months designing a Facebook app to send his girlfriend Teighan on a scavenger hunt to his heart.  To keep the true intent hidden, he told her it was something he designed in his spare time to sharpen his skills and he needed her to be his first beta tester.  Luckily for David, Teighan reluctantly agreed in exchange for some chores.

The app featured nine different levels, each sprinkled with references to aspects of their relationship.  Some were done on the phone, such as a Super Mario level or a word search.  Some required her to venture out in the real world to find a physical clue.  Every time Teighan completed a level she unlocked a new letter.  Nine levels and nine letters to spell out “our garage,” the location to the final clue.

In the garage David had spelled out “will you marry me,” with over 100 tealight candles.  When she opened the door, he got on one knee and proposed.  Teighan said yes, and they’re planning to get married in 2016.

By now you’re probably thinking “what’s the point of this post?” It’s simple: being a geek is more than just Batman undies, late-night Call of Duty sessions and an obsession with the undead.  It’s a culture that allows us to let our imaginations run wild, and it’s one that can be embraced in many aspects of life.  Love is no exception (even if it’s tough to convince the girls that we are worth their time!).

For those of you who consider yourselves geeky but lack the know-how to write your own proposal app, you can always do what a friend of mine did.  Write it on the back of one of the pieces in Settlers of Catan and pop the question during game night.

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