Find Your Next Favourite Band The Same Way You Find Your Next Date

As a single man of the modern world, I am on the hot-or-not dating app Tinder. It’s easy, essentially guilt/rejection (depending on what side of the swipe you’re on) free and pretty fun.

Well, with just the power of your thumbs you can now not only find your next date (or boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, keep hope alive guys), but also your next favourite band or artist.

It’s called ‘Next’ and the way it works is after watching a few seconds of a person performing (usually) a cover song, you can either follow said person and see what else they have to offer on other social media outlets, or choose to banish them to the depths of internet forever.

There are a few flaws with Next, mainly that these very raw videos of mostly teens and twenty somethings belting out Coldplay in their parents basement, is unlikely to uncover the next Sam Smith. But hey, you never know right??

Check out a full write up of ‘Next’ over at YourEDM.

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