Fifty Shades of WTF?! (w/Poll)

It’s no secret that the movie industry has been struggling this year.  Maybe it’s the movie cycle, or maybe it’s a pent-up trend that should scare us all.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, domestic box office receipts are on pace for their worst showing in eight years and no movie has yet breached the $300-million mark domestically.  It’s not all that surprising, with few movies other than Transformers: Age of Exctinction and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles generating any serious hype (at least in my head… so what if adult-me likes movies designed for child-me?).  Heck, even Transformers has been outperforming in China compared to the US, where it has become the first movie to ever surpass $300-million in the country.

Trailers aren’t exactly a great proxy for determining the ultimate success of a movie.  Critic’s reviews and word of mouth are powerful tools for driving customers to any product, including movies.  But new numbers show the most popular trailer on YouTube right now is for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  Yes, THAT Fifty Shades of Grey.  The one that you see women reading on the subway and hear all your lady friends talk about in the same way we might talk about a new Foo Fighters album or Halo game.

The Fifty Shades trailer has more first-week views than Transformers and TMNT, outpacing both by at least five million views.  See for yourself what all the hoopla is about, but just remember I’m simply the messenger.

But fear not, fellow geeks.  Big-screen movies are for big-time action, the kind only supplied by the movies that you and I flock to.  And I have a plan.  There are a ton of great flicks set to be released next year. So choose the one you are most excited about in this poll and we can promise each other to go see it to make sure Fifty Shades ends up being monotone.

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