Butch Vig completes new Foo Fighters record and calls it ‘EPIC’

Music Producer Butch Vig confirms the band have finished their latest record.

Vig, 58, was producer when Dave Grohl played drums on Nirvana’s 1991 album, Nevermind and the last Foo Fighters record, Wasting Light, which won four Grammy Awards.

The untitled album that’s due out sometime this fall, has been recorded in eight different studios in eight states across America.

It will go with a miniseries called Sonic Highways that will be broadcast through HBO. Sonic Highways will show the recording process and progress that the Foo Fighters went through to make their new album.

This will be Dave Grohl’s second time directing since he was behind the camera for his Sound City documentary in early 2013.

The Foo Fighters return to the concert stage as they close out the Invictus Games at London’s Queen Elizabeth Park on September 14th.

When he’s not producing albums, Vig finds some spare time playing drums and percussion for the band Garbage.

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