Brazilians Fear the “Mick Jagger Curse” May Kill Their World Cup Chances

To Brazilian, soccer is more than just a way of life.  It’s a full-blown religion.  Check out this video of a quiet Sao Paulo neighbourhood during Brazil’s game with Croatia.  Nothing is moving. Everything is silent.  Until…

But even the country is worried about their team.  They haven’t been dominating the matches as expected.  And now the nation has something else to panic about:  Mick Jagger.

Brazilians have noticed that every team Jagger seems to support ends up crashing and burning.  Italy, for example, was Jagger’s favourite after England.  He proclaimed to anyone that would listen that the Azzurri would prevail over Uruguay.  Of course, Italy ended up getting eaten alive. Literally.

In addition to Italy and England, Portugal has suffered from “pe frio” or “cold foot,” the term given to what happens when Jagger says he likes your chances.  We can even go back to South Africa in 2010.  All three games attended by Jagger featuring England, Italy and Brazil, saw his favoured team go down.  In other words, anytime he likes seems to have a run of bad luck.

If you’re a Brazilian fan, you’d better hope that Jagger throws his weight being Costa Rica, Netherlands, France or Germany.  Otherwise, you may be f**ked.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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