16 of the Baddest Cover Songs of Our Time

When famous musicians record a cover song of one of their idols, they’re hoping they can lay down some justice by adding a varied melodic sound to it but still try to sound as close to the original as they can.

Below are 16 of the most famous and not so famous cover tracks for you to listen to.

  1. Otis Redding singing The Beatles’ Day Tripper live is what true rhythm and blues is. Trumpets and bass are on full throttle here as Redding rips through this classic.

  2. Queens of the Stone Age covering Billy Idols’ White Wedding has a dark melodic tinge but Homme’s vocals are catchy, so you want to hear it from start to finish.

  3. Foo Fighters cut some Cream and Gerry Rafferty in the ’90s and made these two songs sound like their own.  I Feel Free, and Baker Street.

  4. Elvis Presley covering Carl Perkins’ country song  Blue Suede Shoes which popularized rockabilly which then gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll.

  5. Alien Ant Farm recording Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and releasing it as one of their first singles helped popularize them for a while but that was about it.

  6. Although it wasn’t a successful hit when it first came out in 1989, Canadian Gordon Peterson should thank Eddie Vedder for receiving the royalty checks for covering Hard Sun.

  7. Joe Cocker still has his sandy whale of a voice. You can hear it as he covers The Beatles’ Come Together just seven years ago for the movie, Across the Universe.

  8. Santana doing a covers album? Well, it worked. Here’s Santana featuring Gavin Rossdale for Bang A Gong by T. Rex.

  9. Want to hear more guitar? Here’s Santana with Chris Cornell covering Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

  10. Rush nailing Creams’ Crossroads from their covers album Feedback from 2004.

  11. Rush also pays tribute to The Buffalo Springfield when they record their rendition of For What It’s Worth.

  12. Johnny Cash’s has one of the most distinctive baritone voices out of any other artist. We’ve all heard him cover Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt but when he sings Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode, doesn’t it belittle Hurt? It has to be the dangling piano that does the trick.

  13. Joe Cocker covering another Beatles song? I’ll take it! With A Little Help From My Friends was on his first studio album back in 1969.

  14. If Chris Cornell can wail out a Led Zeppelin tune, so can Scott Weiland, that is when he was still with the Stone Temple Pilots. Dancing Days is a classic Led Zepp tune and STP were there to cover it and keep it that way.

  15. Pearl Jam may have recorded 10 albums, but not one of those songs peaked as high as it did when they recorded and covered Wayne Cochran in 1998. Last Kiss peaked at #2, on Billboard and stayed on the charts for 21 weeks.

And the baddest and not necessarily the best (by any means) cover song of all time goes to… The Mike Flowers Pops covering Oasis’ hit, Wonderwall.


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