Leaked Photos of Millennium Falcon Surface, JJ Abrams Not Impressed

A Long Time Ago…

…well actually not that long ago; October 2012 to be exact, the House of Mouse bought LucasFilm and the internet exploded with wild stories and speculation. In the 18 months since the internet has just gotten more and more crazed over the idea of at least six new Star Wars movies as well as at least one new TV series. Even the comic book, done so well by Dark Horse for about a decade has moved back to Marvel, another race horse in Disney’s stable.

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since its original release on May 25th 1977. When I first heard of Disney’s purchase of LucasFilm I knew there would be more movies. You just need to see what Disney has done with The Muppets to realize they would breath new life into the franchise. But the one thing I really didn’t expect was the internet’s zest to know everything. I don’t mind hearing little things about the movie but it’s just been crazy online. The casting rumours were out of this world. According to the internet, everyone in Hollywood was cast in this film. But then director J.J. Abrams did something I also didn’t expect; he took to Twitter and released a photo of the cast gathered for a script read.


Is it Abrams himself or is Disney guiding him? It really doesn’t matter because this would combat the internet rumour mill with actual, factual information from the director himself. Abrams had said in an interview that he was going to use less CGI and more in camera visual effects and then backed it up with the creature moving through the background of his ‘You Can Be in Star Wars’ video. The internet has been asking ‘what roll does this creature play’ that it is featured in the video, but I say its proof of Abrams claim, less CGI and more real visuals in Episode VII.

Swipe through the photos:

In June TMZ acquired photos from the set showing the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing under construction and the internet once again exploded. But on June 4th Abrams tweeted a note saying that he was disappointed about the leaked photos however, like the video with the creature, it’s what’s in the background that is important. Abrams note is sitting on the Falcon’s holo-chess table. With this note, Abrams is confirming the Falcon’s presence in the film. An article appearing on CNet.com on June 4th didn’t even mention the holo-table but rather focused on the note, believing that the TMZ photos were actually leaked by Abrams himself! Abrams only leaked one photo and it appeared on Bad Robot’s (@bad_robot) Twitter feed.


The hype is just going to keep growing about these films over the next 18 months as the Internet continues to guess and second guess every decision and photo. I suggest you stick with Abrams and Bad Robot and enjoy the factual sneak peeks they will release rather than the wild speculation the internet flings around.


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