The ULTIMATE Mixtape

What was once the go to format for many a lovestruck dude looking to woo his lady of choice, these days the cassette tape has been relegated to the dark corners of thrift shop bargain bins, the underside of your mom’s Corolla passenger seat and super niche hipster record labels.

But a resurrection could be on the horizon. During last week’s International Magnetics Conference (those guys can party), Sony unveiled a new cassette tape which can hold a whopping 148 gigabytes of information per square inch! To put that into perspective, this cassette can hold over 3,700 Blu-rays or close to (are you sitting down?) 65 MILLION songs.

Makes your 32gig iPod look like, well, a regular ol’ cassette tape huh? The tape will be available for commercial sale, however, no word on a release date just yet.

For a full breakdown on the technology Sony came up with to pull this off, check out Consequence of Sound.

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