She Blinded Me With Dothraki

Normally we record these shows Sunday nights before all my cartoons start.  But since I arrived home from a 24 flight from the Far East late Sunday afternoon, we thought it would be best if we delay things by a day.  I hope it worked.

Let’s talk about these Beats lawsuits.

Suspended animation!  For real!  Sort of.

Steve Jobs had a bitchin’ stereo.

An improvement on the default iOS ringtone (and my encounter with Thomas Dolby. Yes, there’s a connection.)

A cool app allows you to record in a virtual studio with anyone anywhere in the world

How much it costs to book your favourite band?  We have the price list.

The science of misheard song lyrics.  Yes, it’s a science.

And now, Morgan Freeman on helium.

Learn to speak Dothraki in just 22 easy steps.

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