License Oddity

My dog is very, very angry at me.  I’ve been travelling almost every week since the beginning of April so any sign of suitcases in the hallway drives her batshit.  Reports from back home say that she’s most upset with my presence here in Singapore for the Music Matters conference. Hang on, sweetie.  I’ll be home Sunday.

Excuse my appearances on this episode of Geek&Beats.  I arrived at the hotel after a 24 hour flight, grabbed four hours of over-the-counter-sleep-aid-induced sleep and then struggled to answer Michael’s Skype call at 8am Monday Singapore time, which was 8pm Sunday his time.

Just wait until next Sunday when I go into the podcast 90 minutes after flying 24 hours the other way.

Maybe the dog has a point.  I need to stay home.

Here are your show notes:

The Top 10 Signs You’re at a Dad Rock Concert.  If you recognize yourself doing any of these things, you’re old. 

How do you stop your bandmates from sleeping with each other?  Want the band to last? Read this advice.

The ugly truth about outlet stores might break your heart.  What this has to do with “geeks” and “beats,” I have no idea.  Ask Michael

News from the world of (weird) music swag.

Co-producer Garth Newton @Conkeestedoray marrying @alyssa_vc May 24th.  Yay!  And to start their lives together, they’re both official co-producers of the show.

G&B Listener Ron Robichaud points out we were bamboozled.  Yeah, we know.  But it was such a good rumour!

The Watchmen -The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON – September 19th, 2014. Tickets/info here. (We like them.  Sammy, the drummer, is a fan of the show.  Go see them.) 

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