Symphony in THC

Congratulations(?) to Jason Tollman and Stephen Lussier, the newest members of the Geek&Beats staff! In complete contravention to any government rules regarding interns, we’ve “hired” them to do some writing and coding for the show and the website.  And while they’ll be paid in nothing but swag–we have no revenue streams because frankly, our business model sucks–they will be able to put this “experience” on their resumes.  Michael and I will both vouch for them should it ever be required when they start looking for a real job.

Yes, this sounds exploitative (duh), but let’s remember that Edmund Halley (he of Halley’s Comet fame) did some fine, fine work for the Royal Society that eventually led to him assisting Isaac Newton publishing Principia Mathematica, perhaps the most important scientific work in human history.  But because the Royal Society had blown their budget publishing a poor-selling book called The History of Fish, they had no money to pay Halley or Newton. Instead, Halley’s payment came in the form of...copies of The History of Fish. (Yes, I’ve been watching Cosmos.  Did you think I wasn’t? C’mon!)

Remember that, Jason and Stephen.  You’re kind of like Edmund Halley assisting Isaac Newton. Or something like that.

Here’s what we did this week.

Make Ozzy a knight.

The musical hot sauce business just got more crowded.

We fell for the story about Apple’s new quantified self headphones. (We know it’s a hoax now, but go for the ride, anyway.)

Best musical lawsuit of the week.

Second-best musical lawsuit of the week.

Best way EVER to get people out to the symphony.

Please buy some swag.  It’ll keep Jason and Stephen from going hungry.

I know I was supposed to post something else that I talked about in the show, but I can’t remember what it was.  And I can’t be arsed to go back and listen right now.  Can someone remind me?

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  • You were supposed to remember to post the link about the ‘american nightmare’ or whatever. I can’t remember either. Together we’ll get through this!

  • I was very happy to hear your podcast! Thanks for choosing my campaign to knight Ozzy, to be discussed on your show. Your honesty and enthusiasm is very much appreciated. It’s nice to see someone in your position take this seriously and explain in detail about my efforts to knight him for a change as there are many out there that aren’t as kind as you have been about it.
    Thanks again Alan!