How Do You Stop Your Bandmates from Sleeping with Each Other

If you’re in a band, it’s a bad idea to hook up with someone else in the group.  It can only end in tears.  The Village Voice  takes up this thread:

Dear Fan,
I think the bassist and singer in my band might be “dating” behind our backs. I’ve run into them late at night at bars, drunk and flirting with each other and making excuses about how they ended up there. I’m against extra curricular activities that might disrupt our band since we are cutting an album and gigging a ton. Do I have a right to tell them to knock it off? It’s the hooking up part that seems like it could end poorly, should I wait it out to see if turns serious? We have put years of hard work into the band already, the bassist is a new addition to the line-up. I don’t want anything to screw up our chances of a career.

Find out the answer here.

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