Apple’s Next Headphones May Do More Than Just Deliver Music

My wife and I aren’t big fans of the new “earpods” that succeeded the standard hang-in-your-ear earbuds that used to come with iPods and iPhones. For some reason, they just won’t stay in our heads so we’ve had to find other solutions. No big deal, of course, but I guess our bodies just aren’t built for this particular designed-in-California product.

However, I’m slowly getting into the whole quantified self thing. I’ve used a running app called Runkeeper for years, which monitors and graphs my jogging performance. When I wear the heart monitor, it helps me achieve cardiac levels for fat burning and cardio goals.

Apple wants to get deeper into the whole quantified self space, hence all the rumoured capabilities about the iWatch. This is where the stories about some new earbuds/earpods come in.

One report says that the new buds/phones will contain sensors that will track heart rate and blood pressure. This would be fantastic for me given that I hate to strap that heart monitor to my chest. And since I have blood pressure issues–terrible genes, you understand–I’d be interested in being able to monitor that, too, even when I’m not exercising.

Let’s see where this leads.

(Via The Guardian)

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