Wearables You’d Use. Once.

Mashable has a great roundup of unexpected “wearable computing” devices. I figure the “Cuff” would be a great way to signal your spouse that you want to get out of this boring dinner party. You both wear the GPS bracelets that vibrate when one of you hits a button. The models offered appear to have a significant Game of Thrones influence.



But it’s the Ring that really gets me:

Basically a more minimal version of that glove in Minority Report, Ring packs a lot of computing power for something that fits on your finger. Using the device, you can control home appliances and apps through custom gestures, as well as write text by drawing letters in the air with your finger. The device looks like a normal ring and will likely go unrecognized by most admirers.

Ring’s Kickstarter blew past it’s $250,000 goal three times over and will begin shipping out devices to backers shortly.
Price: $185 (via Kickstarter; price may change)

Read the full list here.

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