Like stuff? Can manage large crowds? Then you need to put down the Xbox controller and join radio legend Alan Cross and TV’s Michael Hainsworth live on location Sunday April 6th at the Toronto Downtown Record Show!!!1!!!exclamationpoints!

Doors open at 11am. We’ll be doing the big show live to air at 11:30am to 12:30pm. If you show up, we’ll even give you a sticker. Totally for free. And none of the non-listening schmucks at this fantastic show will get one but you. Well, the first 10 of you, anyway.

It’s just a 6 minute walk north from the TTC’s Broadview subway stop. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day for a stroll.

Address: 958 Broadview Avenue, Toronto
Hours: 11am-4pm.
Admission: $5
Hugs: Free

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