Could MDMA Be a Cure for Ringing in the Ears?

My mom has terrible tinnitus.  It’s so bad that in order to fall asleep she has to have the radio on to distract her from the constant ringing in her ears.  This has two unfortunate side effects: (a) it annoys my dad; and (b) she’s believes everything she hears on Coast to Coast with George Noory.  Please don’t ask her about the coming polar shift.  She’ll chatter for hours.

She’s been to doctors, but like most tinnitus sufferers, there’s nothing they can do.  Or is there?

Researchers in New Zealand say they’ve stumbled across cases where tinnitus patients have had the ringing go away (or at least greatly reduced) after taking MDMA.  That’s right, Ecstasy.

What started as anecdotal evidence blossomed into some serious research which shows promise.  Serious patient trials will start in May.

Maybe mom needs to drop some E.  And then my dad could get some sleep.

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