We’re looking for a webmaster! And a writer! And a Video Producer!

The World’s Most Popular Podcast™ is hiring!

The Webmaster must have experience with WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll need you to prepare the articles for publishing on broadcast day, including stealing some great images off the Internet to compliment the stories. You’ll also need to figure out this whole “social media” thing for us, since clearly with fewer than 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook combined is a total embarrassment.

The Writer must know long division. If not, the alphabet is a suitable substitute. Find something neat you think we should talk about? Write about it! We might even call you up to talk about it on The Big Show.

The Video Producer would make it possible for us to broadcast the show weekly via Google+ Hangouts Live. We’ve found that doing the show via G+ takes our focus away from talking about the stories because we’re too busy orchestrating the video, images, and switching cameras.

Interested in any of these positions? Tell us about yourself!

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