Sony HDR-MV1 Contestants!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Sony HDR-MV1 Contest!

At first we thought we were being way too strict about wanting you to jump through hoops for this $300 piece of great kit, but as the weeks progressed, you proved us wrong: you clearly had way too much time on your hands. As a result, we’ve got three fantastic finalists for the contest and we want you to decide who wins.

To qualify, you had to write an outrageous review of the show on your Facebook page and tag us in it. Some of the reviews were pretty long, and one of ’em even turned Alan and Michael into comic book characters (which isn’t that far from the truth).

The winner will be announced on our Special 50th Episode on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014.

A special thanks to Sony Canada for the sweet swag!

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#1 Kris MacDonald’s Comic Book

krismacdonald#2 Patrick Henry Charles’ Suspicious Rash

Lucky for me, was able to find the last copy of Geeks & Beats in my local 5 and dime. It basically answered all of my questions, musical, existential, and medical (the suspicious rash). Read the full post

#3 Lawrence Fehler’s Blatant Sucking Up

The fabulous and talented Michael Hainsworth alongside the ubiquitous Alan Cross make Wednesday a day worth waiting for. Or at least one less reason to call it “Hump day” cuz that’s stupid. Read the full post

[poll id=”11″] [notification type=”info”]The winner will be announced on the Big 50th Episode Wednesday April 2nd![/notification]


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