Is This the Most Clever Way to Pay for a Tour EVER? I Think So.

I’d never heard of Vulfpeck before yesterday, but they certainly have my attention now.

The group has figured out a way how to launch a tour, get into crowdfunding and get money out of Spotify.  The scheme works like this.

Vulfpeck has “recorded” an album called Sleepify and released it to Spotify.  The album has ten tracks, all 30 songs long–and they’re all completely silent.  No music or audio whatsover.  The band is asking fans to put this album on repeat before they go to bed.  Each eight-hour sleep period will result in 960 streams per fan–streams for which Spotify will have to pay out.  The theoretical payout is around five dollars per fan per night.

Vulfpeck says they’ll pool all their Spotify earnings to launch a tour.  What’s more is that they’ll route the tour through areas where their Spotify streaming plan worked the best.  Fantastic.

(Via RAIN)


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