Tainted (Disk Drive) Love

Ed Cobb’s 1964 song “Tainted Love” arguably made famous by Soft Cell in 1981 gets the disk drive treatment thanks to a German computer science student who has set up his own YouTube channel under the name Gigawipf. Using 13 3.5″ floppy disk drives and 1 hard disk with the cover removed, Gigawipf has managed to belt out one of New Wave’s most famous tracks by connecting the drives to an Arduino-based circuit board running the Raspberry Pi operating system.

If you’re nerdy enough to know what Arduino and Raspberry Pi are, you could probably belt out a few tunes of your own using the “Moppy” software on GitHub. If not, no problem: Gigawipf has also recreated the Inspector Gadget theme. Clearly his German university isn’t assigning him enough homework.

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